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Sagent Pharmaceuticals Recalls Injectable Antibiotic
The company said there have been iron oxide particulates found in a vial.  
Coverage gaps in women’s health coverage can lead to poor patient outcomes and increased costs.
Pfizer and Medivation believe the merger could revolutionize cancer care.
Patients with rheumatic heart disease are less likely to receive treatment due to costs.
Research evaluates how HIV evades immune system detection.
Increased genetic knowledge about non-whites could lead to improved knowledge and treatments.
Top news of the day from across the healthcare landscape.
Accumulation of chemicals found in drinking water supplied to 6 million people could lead to cancer and other health problems.
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From the Journals

This study examines variations in overall use, and potentially inappropriate use, of non-warfarin direct-acting oral anticoagulants across sites within the Veterans Health Administration.
Individuals with treatment-resistant depression do not achieve and sustain remission after multiple pharmacotherapies, with an unknown impact on employment. This study investigates the expenditures of TRD from a private-payer perspective in Canada.
This study highlights the implications of noncompliance with the use of in-network providers for immunization services, shedding light on value-based benefits design to promote access to recommended vaccinations.
Specialty-focused partial-fill plan designs are gaining traction, with conflicting opinions on whether they reduce waste or impact the quality of care.
This study seeks to determine the economic effects of warfarin discontinuation in patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation.
This study evaluates whether provider adoption and use of formulary decision support for e-prescribing are directly associated with significant prescriber and patient behavior change.
The development and implementation of a rare disease management program by healthcare providers and payors could greatly assist in improving the clinical, psycho-social and economic impacts for this patient population.