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July/August 2012 Issue

In the spirit of medication therapy management, the efficacy, safety, and necessity of each medication a consumer is on should be assessed during an annual provider visit.
Strategies for controlling use of specialty pharmaceuticals should focus on situations where these agents are used inappropriately and on improvement of the complex billing process.
Therapeutic and subtherapeutic doses of pregabalin were compared to ascertain differences in adherence, healthcare resource use, and cost between the cohorts.
Our research focuses on the clinical and economic outcomes of patients receiving care from a payer-designated specialty pharmacy program compared with regular retail pharmacies.
In the interest of advancing research for new treatments and cures, problems in the HIPAA privacy rule must be addressed by all health community stakeholders.
An overview of the utilization and cost for selected oral antineoplastic agents, with discussion regarding oncology in general, as well as the topic of adherence.
Results from Eisai Inc's online national survey of cancer patients, published in the 2012 Eisai Oncology Digest, provide insight into how patients view their treatment.