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Information For Authors Manuscripts

The editors are pleased to consider manuscripts on a wide range of topics related to the Journal's mission.

Submissions generally fall into one of the following categories: 1) original research; 2) review articles; 3) commentaries; 4) brief reports; 5) editorials; or 6) letters to the editor.


ORIGINAL RESEARCH <3000 words (excluding abstract, references, tables, etc) and contain no more than 5 graphic elements. Supplemental data (extra tables, figures, or appendices) will be made available at at the time of publication.

REVIEW ARTICLES <1500 words, should present a thorough synthesis of the literature and offer new insights and/or recommendations on how to improve the standard of care.

COMMENTARIES <1500-word opinion pieces, usually solicited from recognized thought leaders that discuss pertinent and sometimes controversial issues in healthcare.

BRIEF REPORTS <2000 words, should provide descriptive data or case analysis of current trends in the healthcare system. These reports should contain no more than 2 graphic elements.

EDITORIALS <1000 words, are solicited to accompany key articles and either extend or offer opposing perspectives on a specific subject.

LETTERS <500 words, are published as space allows and should contain no more than 1 table or figure, and cite no more than 6 references.