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Diabetes Organ Damage Highlights AJPB Week in Review

Top articles of the week from The American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits.
Published Online: Feb 11,2018
AJPB Staff
5. HHS Secretary Discusses Flu Pandemic with Government Officials
The 2017/2018 influenza season is the worst in recent history. Read more.

4. Genetic Analysis for Cardiovascular Disease Could Improve Treatments
New diagnosis methods of patients with cardiovascular disease could lead to more personalized treatment. Read more.

3. Oral Drug Shows Promise Reducing Migraine Pain
Ubrogepant had a more significant reduction of pain and migraine-associated symptoms within 2 hours of the initial dose than placebo. Read more.

2. NIH Launches Gene Editing Research Program
The National Institutes of Health will fund research on somatic cell genome editing to provide safe and effective treatments in the future. Read more.

1. Link Between Heart, Eye Damage in Type 1 Diabetes Discovered
The mechanisms of blood vessel damage from diabetes may affect damage to the heart and eyes. Read more.